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JLib provides a framework and components designed to simplify the development, deployment and maintenance of reliable instrument control software. Jlib has been in use since 2007 at EMBL-Grenoble and is an essential part of several commercially available instruments. Written in Java it is especially suitable for the integration of scientific instruments at synchrotrons and other large research facilities because of its communication and customization features. JLib is divided into several integrated packages. The Commons package contains generic functionality such as logging, scripting, plugins and data manipulation. The Communication package provides client tools and automatic server generation using standard protocols. The Imaging package provides a framework for image acquisition, processing and rendering, supporting many video sources such as frame grabbers and GigE cameras. The Control package provides a framework for implementing and connecting automation components, by defining classes for devices, motors, interlocks, PIDs and sequencers. The Device package implements a number of existing devices like fieldbuses, industrial robots and motion controllers. Finally, the optional Application Template can provide a high level of standardization between projects.


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