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EMBL-EBI Embassy Cloud is a service that enables data analysis activities alongside EBI public datasets in a secure, private virtual datacenter, with flexible configuration, tailored to each tenant’s requirements. The Embassy Cloud provides EMBL-EBI’s collaborators or “tenants” with direct access to their datasets hosted at EMBL-EBI, and to the institute’s powerful computing resources. This shared, high-performance workspace allows project partners in many locations to analyse their data alongside public offerings, using their own approaches. Each tenant’s Embassy Cloud is a secure, private virtual datacenter hosted within our VMware installation with an allocation of CPU, RAM and storage resources to each tenant. The tenant takes on full programmatic control and integration of its virtual datacentre and each tenant’s organization is solely in charge of their own systems administration inside their Embassy. The basic version of the EMBL-EBI Embassy Cloud consists of 10GHz CPU, 64GB RAM and 1TB HDD storage. Upscales are available.


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C3D - Category: Structural Analysis

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