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AutoFocusScreen for ZEN allows intuitive set-up of complex time-lapse experiments for Zeiss confocal microscopes. AutoFocusScreen for ZEN is a VBA macro that allows intuitive set-up of complex time-lapse and multiposition experiments for Zeiss confocal microscopes LSM780. The zip-file contains the VBA macro, a manual that explain the installation and usage, release notes (listing differences and bugfixes between versions), and additional tools to process the macro generated files. This version of the macro has been tested on ZEN2010, ZEN2011, and ZEN2012 on specific microscopes. For any other software release and different microscopes we cannot ensure the functionality. The user should try to run the most recent macro, which contains bugfixes and updates. If the latest release does not work and you have older ZEN software versions you could try . These older versions are not officially supported.


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C3D - Category: Structural Analysis

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