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Micropilot is a microscopy software that can be rapidly trained to identify cells of interest automatically and automate even complex fluorescence microscopy-based imaging assays. Micropilot can be rapidly trained by the user to identify objects in a fast low-resolution prescanning mode, followed by online reconfiguration of the microscope system, to run more complex imaging assays on the selected object positions. The Micropilot software handles online classification for Leica Application Software LAS on SP5 (since version 2.2.0 build 4758), open source Micro-Manager (version 1.3.45), Olympus ScanR (version 2.1.120_SAFI), Perkin Elmer Ultraview ERS (version, and Zeiss 780 (version Zen 2011 SP1).


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C3D - Category: Structural Analysis

  • Category: Imaging
  • License: Academic Micropilot Commercial Micropilot
  • Platforms: Windows