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STRING is a database of interactions between proteins - essentially, it is a platform for system-level exploration of cellular machineries. Experimental interaction evidence from a diverse collection of repositories is integrated at a single location for convenient web-based access. Importantly, STRING also includes a large set of predicted interactions extending into the uncharted areas of protein interaction networks, helping to delineate complex systems and to find novel drug targets. The predictions are based on the results of several algorithms that are integrated using a validated scoring scheme. Each predicted interaction is assigned an approximate confidence level. The database covers nearly 2.5 million proteins, many of which can be assigned a putative function even where homology-based analysis fails. STRING includes a web server front-end for intuitive browsing and evidence inspection. STRING is continuously updated and provides the most complete view on protein-protein interactions available. Minimum hardware requirements: Any platform capable of running Linux (x86, PowerPC, Alpha, ...) CPU P4 1GHz 2GB of RAM 250GB free disk space 10Mb ethernet between web server and database.


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