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StaubCom is a Val3 library designed to facilitate the integration of Stäubli robots into high level control systems. The framework can be installed on Stäubli CS8C robot controllers. It runs a generic socket server implementing the StaubCom string based socket communication protocol. This server permits to load and execute on the fly predefined movement sequences and standard Val3 commands. It sends update messages to the client permitting to monitor the status of the robot. The framework allows moreover the sending of custom log, warning, update and error messages. Site specific initialization procedures and movement sequences can be developed following the examples included in the StaubCom library. Moreover user defined PLCs can be implemented and directly executed in separated threads in the robot controller’s real-time kernel. A python and a Java client library are available with the software package.


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  • StaubCom 2.1.0

    Whats new in Version 2.1.0

    This version includes: - the latest bug fixes - reorganization of the server code - new version of the Python client for easy integration into high level control systems

    Download for Online tool

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